How to plan a surprise birthday party?

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Planning a surprise birthday party can be a lot more fun. But keeping the guest of honor in the dark might be a bit difficult. Especially if you haven't done this before. You might also be a little worried as well as confused about what you should do and what not. Well don't worry, here we have gathered some important things that you should keep in mind while planning a surprise birthday party.
  • Sending invitations (secretly)- This is the first and the most important step. You have to make a list of people who should be there at the party and that includes only close friends and family members. If you'll invite too many people then the party wouldn't remain that much fun. Well, you have to make the list carefully so that you won't end up inviting someone your birthday boy/girl doesn't like. This can really spoil their mood and your party wouldn't be that much fun anymore.
  • Plan smartly (being a Sherlock Holmes) - You can easily get the guest of honour to help you plan and figure out things you're getting confused in. Just play smartly. You can get the answers just by talking naturally. Do not pretend like you're up to something. Talk about your likes and dislikes so that you can get to know there's. You can also use other people coming to the party for this purpose.
  • Include others- You have to make your own team for this purpose. Choose the people you can trust. After that you can just divide the work easily and make sure they are doing it right. By doing so you can handle all the work more effectively and your surprise will be perfect.
  • Settle on a theme- Well, theme is obviously important. Without it your surprise wouldn't be that much surprising. Choose a colour coordination as well. It will make the whole look more elegant.
  • Stick on the budget- Budget is something you have to decide in advance. And stick to that. It may vary depending on the theme and how many people you're going to invite. The food that you've decided on the menu will also affect the budget.
By forming a team you can easily throw an excellent surprise party. But it might be very difficult if you're thinking of handling each and everything on your own. Therefore it's always a great idea to hire an affordable birthday party planner in Delhi. They can manage all these things under your budget. And there will be no chance of your surprise being spoiled.